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About Our Brand


The Mission

Village Girl Boutique is dedicated to empowering women to free their inner selves through bold African inspired fashion that bridges confidence with culture using authentic African fabrics and accessories. 

Village Girl Boutique was created from the bold, rich vibrant culture of African fashion. While accentuating the natural beauty of women, through bold colors which bring out our beauty and sass. Each piece is curated to restore your connection to self and restore joy to our monotonous lives.  

Village Girl Boutique is a blend of elegance and culture. When you wear our pieces, you are engulfed in lively bright colors and patterns that tell OUR story.

Village Girl Boutique was founded by a single mother with an entrepreneurial spirit that wanted to set an example for her children to create a new story. Become a part of our legacy, story, and impact and purchase a piece from our beautiful collection.


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